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Mindfulness and Meditation with

The Gift of Presence

Mindfulness is the quality of being aware in an accepting, curious and non-judgmental way, focusing awareness on the present moment.  Mindful meditation opens us to experiences that will calm the mind and inspire us to be our best selves.

Meditation Classes
Mindfulness Classes
Meditate with Marie Louise
Meditation Classes

Stress Busting Meditation

Using a 16 second breath-work technique, this meditation helps students who are looking for a practical in-the-moment practice to reduce stress and anxiety.

Body Scan Meditation

A simple body scan meditation helps students to relieve tension and feel more connected to their physical and emotional bodies.

Metta Meditation

Metta is a Buddhist practice of directing loving-kindness to ourselves and the people around us. This meditation helps us to cultivate harmony in our lives.

Chakra Meditation

There are 7 main chakras, or energy centers, in our body. These meditations help students to unblock energy and restore balance in the chakras.

Meditation Teacher

Learn to Meditate

I offer many types of meditation and mindfulness classes that offer the same gift - presence. I am currently offering meditation classes online or in-person in the Camp Hill area of Pennsylvania, including Harrisburg, Hershey, and Lancaster, for students and faculty, organizations and corporations, yoga and meditation studios and more. Click the button below to inquire.

"When we meditate we slow ourselves down into stillness and silence so that we can finally hear the whispers deep within our heart."

- davidji

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Meet Your Teacher

As a fortunate high school teenager, I had a very enlightened teacher who taught relaxation meditation.  It was the most wonderful experience of melting into the floor.  As an anxious teenager, feeling the weight of the world and high expectations, meditation offered a break from the stress.  A few years later, I became a devoted yoga student, immersed in the Iyengar method, flow yoga, and all forms of asana practice.  As a dancer, yoga felt like a full experience of being integrated with body, breath, mind, and spirit – moving meditation. 

After many years, my body started experiencing extreme chronic pain, and my meditation practice became the focus of practice.  In 2019, the meditations became longer and deeper and things that needed healing were calling out.  I jumped in fully, embraced everything that came up, and found a break from the monotony of pain in meditation and my best inspiration came from sitting still.  Meditation led me to the people who are helping me to heal and I am beginning to move more fluidly again.  I feel hopeful, less anxious and ready to teach students what I have learned over the years.

I am a certified Davidji Master of Wisdom and Meditation teacher, which was a teacher training of over 285 hours, where a worldwide class met together online and then we finished with an intense week of personal training.  I learned many new techniques and teachings to round out my own experience that helps me to share with students at the point where they are.  Some of the techniques include stress-busting 16-second meditations, body scans, metta (loving kindness) meditations, meditations using ancient teachings, chakra meditations and clearings, and many more. Also, I am completing an additional certification with Sean Fargo in being a mindfulness teacher.  I have been teaching and leading mindfulness classes since 2022 and find that the two trainings give me the tools to offer a full toolbox of ideas for a well-rounded curriculum.

The inner domain is the place where we find our peace.  Whether you come to meditation from a place of pain or a place of joy, meditation provides a place where you can touch the most whole person you are and remember that all is well and that life can feel like more, from the inside.  As a benefit along the way, the longer you meditate, the more that life aligns with who you are.  Integrity becomes paramount.  It is the experience of a lifetime.


I am open to creating a class for your organization or for you to help you jumpstart life back into a place of restful awareness and conscious choices.

With love,

Marie-Louise Abram

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